Lift Maintenance Chennai

With our huge wealth of knowledge, Techno elevators ensure elevator maintence and safety to all passengers through timely maintenance and specified safety checks by trained personnel. In line with the standards in Lift maintenance services and elevator repair schedules, we guarantee quick, efficient and professional solutions.

At Techno Elevators we understand how much you rely on your elevator for everyday life as well as how integral is the responsibility of ensuring safety for the elevator-users. A contract with Techno elevators is all it takes to get excellent local maintenance, periodic servicing, repairs, refurbishment and modernization services to keep people and businesses up and moving.

capsule-elevator-chennai   Capsule Elevator

Capsule Elevators make a statement with their attractive design and lend the surrounding style. Installed mostly in shopping malls and upscale hotels, Capsule elevators require a special degree of maintenance. 

Techno elevators provide AMCs specially suited to the care and maintenance of the specifications of capsule elevators or lifts. These elevators can be customised to the building architecture and required functionality. The different types are:

1. Three/ five glass panels panoramic capsule elevator
2. Circular glass capsule elevator
3. Flame, dust and weather proof capsule elevator

hydraulic-lift-elevator-in-chennai   Hydraulic Elevator

An elevator operated by fluid pressure, is used for lifting heavy loads from one level to another. These lifts or elevators have an advantages of not requiring a pit to be dug out and hence is usually the first choice in warehouses and manufacturing industries.

It can be made for up to 2 to 3 floors and can usually handle a load of 750 kg. We are adept in providing monthly and weekly maintenance schedules for hydraulic elevators. Being dependable and up to date on manufacturer’s specifications, be assured that your day to day activities will run at a fast pace.

lift-maintenance-in-chennai   MRL Elevator

MRL Elevators are an ideal elevator when space for a separate machine room is not provided. They also consume lesser power and are safer as the problems related to hydraulic equipment are removed. 

It is usually installed in low to mid-rise buildings and can go up to 250 feet at a speed of 500fpm. We Offer AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services and resources to confirm that the elevator is in excellent working conditions any time any day.

elevator-maintenance-in-chennai   Car Elevator

Car or automobile elevators are used to transfer cars from one floor to another. Mostly installed in manufacturing facilities, these elevators play a big role in optimal productivity. Another facility where these lifts are used is in multilevel or puzzle parking in residential and commercial establishments. This is an effective solution for parking in areas of space constraints..

Whether the elevator utilizes traction or hydraulic method, our maintenance services have an excellent track record.

lift-amc-in-chennai   Goods Elevator

A Goods elevator is a high functioning elevator capable of transporting heavy loads. Mostly acquired by factories and industries,  a goods elevator is integral to running of the business. We provide specific Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services which includes break down service as well as retaining a regular maintenance schedule.

These types of elevators are designed in accordance to industrial norms and standards and maintaining them also require strict adherence to these regulations to maintain its extreme durability and performance.

lift-amc-cost-in-chennai   Dumb Elevator

Dumb waiter elevators are used to transfer food and crockery from kitchen to other places. It increases efficiency as well as space utilization. These can be fitted up to a height of 45m and travels at speeds of 0.32mps to 1mps. 

We provide maintenance to keep proper operation of all parts as well as periodic checking and cleaning to maintain hygiene. Dumbwaiter elevators are made of stainless steel with vertical bi parting doors well suited to optimize space efficiency.

elevators-in-chennai   Home Elevator

Whether you reside in a high-rise apartment, villa, pent house or a large-scale bungalow, a effective mode of vertical transportation is vital. Home elevators are an ideal choice as they do not require a machine room and works on single phase of current supply.

Our maintenance contracts for home elevatorsinclude regular checks and maintenance as well as service in case of serious break down. Regular up keep of elevators are necessary to for safety of all the elevator users.

lift-repairs-services-chennai   Hospital Elevator

In Hospitals, lives are saved everyday and an elevator is fundamental its operation. Elevators designed for hospitals must have the capability to transport patients on stretchers, wheelchairs along with nurses and doctors smoothly and silently without any jerks or shocks. It is also required to have high performance.

Our Maintenance Contracts for hospitals allow our clients to have confidence in the effective working of their multiple elevators at all times. 

lift-elevator-maintenance-in-chennai   Passenger Elevator

Passenger elevators are a range of elevators standardised for installation in commercial as well as residential buildings. We specialize in providing all maintenance services for the smooth running of this range of elevators in various locations.

Our philosophy is to extend our services and fine tune our service contract to meet our client’s particular requirements. Types of passenger elevators include,

1. Manual door standard elevator
2. Automated door elevator

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